About Michele Dawn

Spiritual Coach   |   Emotioneer ®

I am an intuitive guide and visionary who brings clarity to your bigger-picture soul lens. Amplifying 34+ years as a creative and visual designer, I help you anchor energy and illuminate flow by way of contemplate arts. Co-Presencing in devotion with Divine Imagination and Divine Heart, we will emotioneer® a flow of expanded self-worth as you awaken to your deepest soul’s yearnings.


“What you are seeking is seeking you.”


My Story

This age-old saying caught me by surprise. As a high-achiever, values-based leader and a creative of 34+ years, I embodied the path of a seeker for much of my life. Growing up in a culture perpetuating excellence and the rewards for hard work and met expectations, I had been blessed over much of this lifetime with gifts to survive and thrive. Until one fine day (or so I thought), a pinhole of light opened a portal to my soul.

I was having lunch with a long-time business colleague who was going through a life transition. We were talking about our journeys as leaders and he said, “you must feel so fulfilled with what you have accomplished and the success you have reached in your life.” I smiled and politely acknowledged in humble gratitude. Yet, quietly to myself, I wondered “why do I not feel fulfilled?”

Reflecting back, my soul was cracked wide open that day. Yet it would take several more years to hush the noise of my mind and muster up the courage to see and lift the veil on the vulnerable woman behind the mask. I realized I had been going to great lengths to prove to myself and others that I was the strong, independent person I was projecting and worth loving—only deep down to feel the shame and lack prick and raise walls of co-dependence.

The more I ebbed and flowed along, the louder and clearer the whispers of my soul became. The signs and synchronicities increased and ignited an extraordinary awareness of Creation language. My intuitive gifts, empathic nature and help from my guides was spontaneously re-awakened. I began to trust in the accelerating flow of Divine wisdom and hope of greater possibility with an open heart—emotioneering® through the mud and muck of karmic healing. I could never have imagined the souls that would enter my path (and continue to!) as lessons, mirrors and echos in devotion to the upwelling and overflowing fountain of Light within.


I met a seeker. And a seeker met me. Co-Presencing in Divine Imagination and Divine Heart. A portal harmoniously flowing as Divine Soul/One/All.

And this is where real devotion to awakening and embodying the Radiance within you comes in. Take great care in what you ask of the Universe! Meeting each and every threshold with a “yes” to Divine Imagination and Divine Heart requires…

Sharpening your lens…
Tuning your spiritual antenna…
Softening to uncertainty…
And showing up in the world with Divine Compassion.


“The real context for happiness, for vitality, for fulfillment, for awakening, for awareness, all exist in your dynamic involvement in the world. It is here that the needs of the world and your inner need have finally come together for they are related.”

∼Ann Baring, Dream of the Cosmos


Your soul Presence is a powerful and expansive current in the Universe. A unique tone of wisdom composed in a flow of expression over many lifetimes.

It carries with it a deep truth.
A longing to be embodied and expressed.
It feels much bigger than you. And yet, you are that.

Attuning to the voice within is only the beginning.
Devotion to that attunement is where your tone expands.
Dissolves layers.
Holds clarity.
Shines hope, possibilities.
And resonates into a shift in your soul’s expression of being.
An aware-ized form in harmonious flow with the Universe.
A rhythm. Creation language.


“Creation is not a process. It is an enactment. An invocation of energy into being.”

∼Lumari, Alawashka: The Original Language of Creation


Intuitive Readings
With deep listening and co-Presencing, we shine light on what is rising within you, the thresholds you are standing at and invite the Universe to guide through messages, symbols, spirits, astrology and nature’s senses. I serve as an illuminator of soul flow and offer clarity as you awaken to the wisdom and deep desires of your being.

50-minute session @ $150 USD

With contemplate arts and nature as a medium, we invoke energy into aware-ized form and set a sacred “greening space” to explore/free unconscious karmic imprints and harmonize Divine Imagination and Divine Heart. Creating a nurturing and self-compassionate landscape for manifestation, expansion and abundant flow of soul.

(3) 50-minute sessions @ $600 USD

As you awaken to your truth and attune to the rhythm of your soul’s emotional and tender promptings, an extraordinary awareness of your value in the Universe expands your lens and opens your heart for healing and transcendence. With Divine Compassion, we clarify, confirm and bear witness to your integration—amplifying devotion to wholeness as you show up with joy as embodied soul.

50-minute session @ $150 USD